28 hours a morning

April 14, 2024
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Mornings are confusing in general. People are different, they say, and when you don’t fully know what you need or who you are, you may be confused in the mornings.

How does one get to know themselves? Listening to oneself? But what if my inner voice is indecisive? Sometimes when I am finally trying to focus enough to listen to it, it’s just so quiet in there. “I wish you talked to me”, I say. I want to know what I need to do. But no, it rather lets me figure it out myself. It’s almost like those moments when you are bored but not bored at the same time because of your excitement of doing something but you have no idea what you should do because you have no plan. And if you finally had a plan then you would feel like doing something else and the fact that your to-do list contains no ticked boxes bothers you.

I like mornings. I think I need to sit around and stare randomly. It’s the best way to start your day. Some believe it is by being active. I think so too sometimes, but as I said people are different. Also, the two of them inside me fight sometimes. I think I need my mind to wander. But that’s what I think, others may disagree. They may even bring up some research papers on how productivity and morning activeness may correlate. 

My days are generally not getting longer, I have no idea what this is going to be like in the future, but if we do rough calculations I wonder if 28 hours a morning would be enough. 

1. Wake up and do all the washing things… = 15 minutes
2. Starring at a random spot in a room/outside to wake up = 30 minutes
3. Thinking what to do = 30 minutes
4. Starting to do something = 30 minutes
5. Writing my thoughts = 1 and a half hours = This includes writing in my journal, and starting to write three different stories because ideation has no limits and because you get other ideas as you start your initial one. The other two ideas, of course, will never see the light of the day. 
6. Coffee making in between = 15 minutes = weighting, grinding, hot water boiling, coffee maker warm up, and then pressing my Picopresso for a doppio. That’s what I call it because I live in Italy now. Technically, it’s Sicily, but it belongs to Italy at the moment..

And the list could continue here in different ways…

A few individuals would believe that the staring part of my morning routine could be done more effectively or even worse could be omitted. I tend to disagree. Sometimes I disagree more than I should. But when it comes to staring, if done properly, it can kickstart your creativity. A randomly chosen sample of people polled in this questionnaire (1 out of 1) said if you look at a beautiful frame for some time, it makes your day more beautiful. 

Because of a hunger for creativity, I have decided to introduce a new unit of time - 28 hours a morning. In the end, based on my calculations this is an approximate number of hours one should spend doing what they love in the mornings.

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