About: This is one of my most favorite projects I have worked on so far. From February 2020, I have been creating different projects mainly for school and in October, I have decided to put them together and create a small book of my design.
Client: Personal Project
Type of project: Book design – Printed Portfolio
Objective: To design, print and bind my own portfolio so I can collect different project I have worked on throughout this year and try to present it using other than digital media.
Process – trimming of bleeds of individual pages.
Signatures that will be bound together. 
Front cover.
Front and back cover with description.
A part of the first project called "Hello World" inside of the portfolio.
A design guidelines described in the small manual book. Project – Campus Greenland.
Color scheme of a project called Kochs Kaffebar.
Visualization of products of Kochs Kaffebar + on the right side, a brief brand manual.
Back cover.
A short video of the whole portfolio. 


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