About: Lunel Vintage is a young business created with the values of a circular economy. The main mission of the company is to renew old glasses into sunglasses with new lenses. Their goal is to avoid waste and reuse the existing resources.
Client: Lunel Vintage (read more about their values)
Type of project: Concept Development
Objective: To present a concept of circular economy to the customer in relation to the company’s purpose.
Role: We have worked in a group of 5 people in the beginning. Together, we have done the first steps of the design process, decided to follow the concept I came up with, and then divided the tasks between the members of the group. My task was to redesign the banners on the website. As well as this, I have decided to design an Instagram story to present what the company focuses on. 
Concept Development: I got inspired by the concept of collage as this represents well what the company does = reusing old resources to create something new. I felt that first of all, it was very important to explain the concept of circular economy, and only then connect these values with the product of the Lunel Vintage. I thought, that the best way to present this concept is a comparison of the linear and circular economies. As well as collage, I am using circular shapes in my design to unconsciously remind of the circularity.
Illustration and Photography: Photography is reused from what the company is already presenting illustrations come from Colourbox.
Inspiration – collage collection
Inspiration – collage collection

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