Situation: Kohas, s.r.o. is a 23-year-old company based in Kosice (Slovakia), providing services such as Fire Protection, Occupational Safety and Health, Event Safety, and Civil Protection. Throughout these years, the company has established its customers and would like to gain new ones. Kohas does have an old logo but is missing a coherent visual identity, and as the communication moves more towards the virtual world, the company wants to establish an online presence.
Client: Kohas, s.r.o
Type of project: Logo redesign and visual identity design
Role: This part of the project was a final exam of my Academy Profession Degree at Professionshøjskolen UCN in Aalborg, Denmark.
Objective: to find a system in our communication – the key to consistency, being able to establish an online presence, to gain/attract new clients, to stand out from the competition
*NOTE: This project is not completed yet, it is still in process after having presented the first concepts to the client.
Logo redesign – the old logo has not been completely redesigned, some of its characteristics were kept due to their relevance with the brand attributes and the already established audience. A rectangular shape of the logo translates to feelings of stability and balance as well as reliability. The “edgy” shaped logos are often considered stronger and bolder than round ones. The arrow symbolizes the speed, flexibility, and straightforwardness of the company while delivering express service.
The symbol was derived from the logotype flipping the letter ‘K’ both vertically and horizontally along its axis, removing the stem of the letter, and leaving the arm and leg. This way, the reuse and repetition of certain elements can create a compact and stronger design with a clear sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness. The rest of the symbol as well as its size was determined by the size of the letter ‘K’.
This concept (nr. 1) was based on inspiration from safety signs. Some of its characteristics were the use of colors yellow, red, and black as the primary color palettes and the use of imagery as a visual asset. The typography used for both headlines and body copy was mixed-case style. This concept was supposed to be more traditional with a touch of modernism.
Working with imagery and illustration.
This concept (nr. 2) is characterized by the use of red and white (light-grey) as primary colors together with black for the body copy. The use of lines and geometry introduces structure and organization. In this style, I have used mostly icons but sometimes when necessary imagery could be used in a geometric shape. The typography used for body text is either red or black but the headlines, in this case, are all in uppercase in a bold version of the typeface. This concept introduces the boldness to the visual identity using typography as the main element of the composition.
'Thank you' cards for the cases when gaining a new client.
↑ The one above ↑ – An example of .pptx presentation slides.

← Example of what could the LinkedIn Profile look like, and below, there are examples of LinkedIn Posts. 

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