* This project is a fictional school assignment, although the company exists.
Kochs Kaffebar is a cozy, family run coffee shop located in Aalborg. Motto: – A Taste for difference – applies to serving hand-brewed coffee, home-made tea, freshly baked pastry or freshly made sandwiches. Even though, the interior of the shop looks cozy – wood, leather sofas, a lot of green plants around and warm lighting, the visual identity does not translate the values of the business.
Client: Kochs Kaffebar
Type of project: Identity design – School Assignment
Objective: "How to redesign a visual identity of Kochs Kaffebar so it truly represents companies values to its customers?"
My process: click here
Shop visualization – this is just a mockup of how the logo sign would look like on the top of the shop and on the front door.
Brand attributes describing look and feel of the brand identity. I have used the attributes for a definition of color palette.
Primary logo configuration displaying a name of the business, their slogan – A taste for difference, and a year of establishment of the business.
Visualization of the products on a table – Coffee stamp cards, packaging and takeaway cups with coffee.
A visualization of a takeaway cup.
Coffee stamps cards in different colors used for the customer to collect stamps every time they purchase a hot beverage.
Label design – a structured label showing different features of the coffee.
Coffee and menu card.
Brand identity guidelines.


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