* This project is a fictional school assignment.
Client: WHO – The World Health Organization
Type of project: Poster Design (Travel Campaign) – School Assignment
Objective: This project's objective was to strengthen one's inner creativity. Our class went to Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg and the task was to find piece of art that inspires us and evokes any kind of emotions.
I was inspired by two pieces. The Raft by Bill Viola, part of The Twilight Zone exposition, and secondly, Red Mother by Dea Trier Mørch – mostly the style of illustrations – linocut.
We were randomly given topics to create advertisement for. Mine was TRAVEL.
Current situation with coronavirus greatly affected everyone around and inspired me to spread a message of taking care of everyone around. The message of staying safe and not underestimating protection.
Introduction of one of the strongest relationship and bond that a human being can possibly have, a mother and her child. The mother always wants her child to be safe.
An environment the solution should work in.
Illustration – a mother and her child.
Type design.
Final poster design.


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