About: Campus Greenland is a company whose main product is a 6 weeks physical course where each participant is learning to understand his individual situation, self-esteem and confidence.
The product was developed in Greenland, helping Greenlandic citizens to get into long-term jobs. After establishing successful track-record in Greenland, the company decided to move to Denmark and apply this model for Greenlandic citizens living in Denmark.
Campus Greenland needs to appear trustworthy, serious and relevant to get the funding from decision makers in governmental, public or private sector and therefore, the visual identity has to be developed.
Client: Campus Greenland
Type of project: Identity redesign – School Assignment
Objective: “How to create a visual identity for Campus Greenland so the company appears serious,
relevant and trustworthy for its audience?”
Visualization of the products for Campus Greenland. The company has asked to come up with a visualization for the products that could be potentially used by the participants of 6-week course they offer. These include, a bottle and a notebook. Besides that, I was asked to design business cards for the manager of the company.
Logo symbol – consisting of letters C for Campus, G for Greenland and an arrow symbol for the direction Campus Greenland wants to move to - up and forward. According to my research on colors, I have decided to use color blue which symbolizes trust, reliability and stability. 
This image is showing a minimum space around the logo that needs to be kept so the logo still stays clear. 
A letterhead and an envelope. I have created a pattern out of the arrow part from the logo to bring a fresh look to the envelope. 
A detail of business cards.
Corporate design manual describing the brand's tone of voice, correct usage of the logo variations, color system and imagery.


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