My name is Juliana, and I come from a small country called Slovakia. I am a student of graphic design at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) in Aalborg. I am currently in my 3rd semester, looking for an internship. 
One of my favorite activities is walking and listening to a podcast or using the walk time to think about current projects. I strongly believe that my addiction to learning in combination with caffeine helps me move towards my goals and overcome any obstacles on the way. I am a naturally curious creature who likes to develop her own self.
My interests: Typography, Branding, Poster design, Crafts
According to Insights Discovery profile that is built around the model of personality first identified by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, my strengths, possible weaknesses and value to the team were described as following:
Juliana's key strengths:
• Builds relationships quickly and effectively.
• Constantly seeking her new mountain to climb.
• Creative and future orientated visionary.
• Sets a fast work pace.
• Possesses social expertise.
​​​​​​​Juliana's areas of development:
• May ignore the practicalities.
• Her need for variety may leave some tasks incomplete.
• Her solutions may appear rather “off the wall”.
As a team member, Juliana:
• Sees the “big picture”.
• Turns the possible into the probable.
• Influences others by her infectious enthusiasm.
• Demonstrates leadership and involvement.
• Will lead by fighting alongside the troops in the trenches.
Background story:
Since my childhood, I have always loved to create different things out of paper. I thought creatively, came up with solutions to problems of a child. I was creating so much, that once, my brother wanted to make a deal of throwing away two of my old “projects” and trading it for one new because we simply didn’t have enough space to store all the things. As I was growing up, it felt like I was growing out of my creativity. I always loved to draw, paint, I even used to write my own stories about different characters. But I thought I would never be able to make money out of being someone who is just creative. Therefore, I have decided to study a 5-year gymnasium, and after that, I got accepted to college in Denmark for a Computer Science program without any prior knowledge about programming. After some time, I have realized it probably won’t be a thing for me, since I was the only one in the room who cared about the visuals. I managed to finish almost three semesters, when one of our teachers, Michael, asked us where we want to see ourselves in five years. Everybody said - I want to be a software developer -, but when we got to my turn, I said, I wanted to be a designer. And that’s when it has started. During the programming lessons, I started learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, and in December, right before the exam, I quit my studies. Before coming to Denmark and studying at our college, I had no clue that graphic design is a thing which you could actually make a living out of. So I applied for the program and got accepted. I remember this moment when I first entered the printing room at our school and the smell of the paper.
– I knew I was right.
My brother and I when I was a kid.
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